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What’s eating Katie Carson?

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I hate doing laundry!Ok folks, I put a great deal of thought into today’s post. I already said I needed an outlet to vent and this is one of those venting kind of posts. So here we go:

Katie’s Top 10 Pet Peeves:

10. Semi-truck drivers
Now I have nothing personal against the actual person driving the truck but I am convinced that once these people get inside one of those monster vehicles they become aggressive. I am constantly afraid they will run me over and no matter how fast I go, they always ride my bumper? What’s the deal with that?

9. Laundry
You know, I was actually surprised laundry had it’s very own number on the list but the more I thought about it, the more it became clear: I hate doing the laundry. No matter how hard I try, no matter how much I wash, it still catches up to me. I leave the house for a day, more laundry, someone gets sick, more laundry. No escape. Laundry, I hate you.

8. Not returning phone calls/messages
This one really gets me. You call someone, maybe it’s not important, and maybe it is. You leave a message; wait for a call back – nothing. This is infuriating! Why in this age of technology, where people carry their phones, computers, PDA’s and every other type of contact with them, can no one return a call! I mean, why even have a cell phone if you don’t plan to answer it?

7. Poor hygiene
This is just gross. Let me give you an example. We went to Ruby Falls, a cave system in Chattanooga, TN, one Memorial Day weekend. We are underground with a large group of people on a tour of this place, and the two guys in front of us have the worst BO I have ever smelled. I think I dry heaved a few times! The worst part is, we were stuck behind them the ENTIRE tour! All I kept thinking was, “Please Lord, don’t let us get stuck down here with these hurl inducing men!” People, soap is not that expensive and it does not take that long to shower. If you go out in public, check your BO!

6. Stupidity
I guess this one can encompass many things. Mainly it is ignorant people that make no effort to improve their situation. I see these people all the time that can not speak proper English, that obsess over things that won’t improve their lives and live in filth and just don’t care! Like I tell my kids: “The more you know, the easier life will be for you.” I believe this to the very soul of my being. Being ignorant will not help you in life! Just pick up a book, turn on the news, use less profanity, and get some manners. It’s not that hard! (Note: use spell check so as not to appear ignorant)

5. Slobs
No, this is not a repeat of #7. By slobs, I mean the kinds that leave their dirty underwear on the floor BY the hamper. The ones that leave the dinner table and do not pick up their plates or push in their chairs. The ones that do not empty the trash until it is overflowing onto the floor. Those kinds of slobs. You know who you are.

4. Snobs
No, it was not intentional for #’s 4 and 5 to rhyme, but there you go. Snobs. The people that sit so high and mighty, looking down upon the little people thinking they are too smart, pretty, classy, etc. to associate with them. For you snobs, I have one question: Who do you think you are? If you stepped back and took a long, hard look at yourselves, you might not like what you see. Come down to the real world, you might enjoy it.

3. Bad manners
This had to be in the top 3! Have you ever eaten with someone that opens their mouth when they chew? Sick! How about belching or passing gas at the table? Beyond table manners, people that are rude to others. Thank you, a please here and there, maybe even a yes ma’am or no sir? How about not flipping someone off in traffic? Just let it go! The world would be a much nicer place if we all used a little common courtesy!

2. Laziness
People that have no drive, that just will not take care of themselves and/or their families. I have little respect for them. My view on work ethic is this: Do the best you can with what you have. Whether you are an executive or flip burgers, work hard and do your best. You would be surprised how much it pays off! In addition, if I get attitude from the people at Hardees one more time, I might come through the window and slap them! (Note: Go back and read #3)

1. Telling me what to do
If I am totally stuck or confused, I welcome a little constructive criticism. If you are doing it out of concern for my well being, I appreciate it. However, if you just decide to just boss me around or criticize my choices for no good reason, prepare to fight. I am not an idiot, I believe to each his own, so you worry about you and I will worry about me and mine. Do not stick you nose in my business and I will give you the same courtesy. If you want to tick me off or lose my friendship, get on my case about something, or tell me what to do.

Ok, I’m feeling a little better. As I’m typing this, I keep thinking of other things to ad to the list, but we will save those for another day. I know you beautiful people out there have some things that get under your skin, speak up! Tell me what bugs you!

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