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Part III: Sonlight – Once More Unto the Breach

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Sonlight drama #3 - John HolzmannFolks, you are not going to believe this. I posted about my experience with Sonlight (The Sonlight Isn’t Shining) -  my honest opinion -  here on my personal blog. As most of you know, this is my avenue to vent frustrations and discuss family issues. As a result, I am now being insulted by one of the owners of Sonlight Curriculum.

Yesterday, I posted, Part II: Son of Sonlight, a reply to Luke Holzmann, whose comment was spin control, yet still professional. Luke is entitled to his opinion, and he wished me well with whatever materials I chose.  Today, I received another comment this time from his father, John Holzmann, which practically brought me to tears. He was malicious and shamelessly cruel. At this point, I am so glad we will not be purchasing from them. I cannot imagine learning Christian principals from persons that behave this way.

While I will not post all of his comment because it contains personal credit information, I will quote portions:

Are you saying you would think your son or daughter is doing well in school if he or she came home with a report card showing a low D grade? And you’d be pleased if he or she ranked second from the bottom in a class of 28 students?

Our report was full of items that are incorrect because Transunion has not updated our report in almost four years. As a result, our Transunion score is lower than the scores listed with Experian and Equifax. We are currently working to correct these inaccuracies.  That being said, I never claimed to have perfect credit or the highest score, but we do have revolving credit with great payment history, several loans with good interest rates and have had no trouble receiving financing from anyone else. That is the honest to God truth.

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