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Teeth, chocolate, and water cause problems

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chocolate on child's faceI have an appointment with an oral surgeon tomorrow. I apparently had a cavity in one of my wisdom teeth and it finally caused it to break. Now I have to have all the wisdom teeth removed. Keep in mind, in all my 27 years, I have never had a cavity, chip, filling, braces, or any other sort of dental work. I had been blessed by the “Tooth Fairy Goddess” up until now. I guess that run of good luck is over.

I’m not really scared about the procedure. I mean, they give you drugs, right? My husband is planning to take me while the kids are being watched by my Mom. It all sounds good in theory. I worry most about my house during my recovery time! From what I was told, I will be given some sort of medication to knock me out for the rest of the day. I’ll be oblivious to my surroundings while my abused gums bleed onto my pillow. (Note: get spare pillow and old pillow case ready.) My problem is this: my husband will have to watch the kids, feed them. put them to bed, and clean the house, try not to destroy the house.

Let me give you an example: Sunday I went over to my Dad’s house to see my Step-Mom. We sit, chat, cook things, etc. My oldest 2 were in the yard playing with their neighbor friends. The younger 2, ages 4 and 2, were at home with Daddy. Realize, I was gone for all of an hour and I was directly across the street. I came home to uncomfortable quiet. “Honey, where are Olivia and Deacon?”, I ask. “Oh, they are upstairs playing” was his reply. Shortly after, Olivia comes down soaking wet and says she “falled in the bathroom”. That’s when I heard water running.

I went upstairs to find a disaster. They had found dark chocolate bars in the refrigerator and taken them upstairs. Not only did they eat them, they ground them into the carpet, then decided to “clean themselves up”. The bathroom floor was soaked, the counters and walls wet as well. My husband swears up and down that he had checked on them only minutes prior to my entering the house. Either my children are as stealthy as international spies or my husband is not only deaf, but mistaken about the time frame here. My kids work fast, but not that fast. That mess had to take at least 10- 15 minutes and plenty of noise from both parties involved, and yet, he heard nothing.

Now you see my concern: by the time I am conscious and sore, I will have my work cut out for me. So much for a day or 2 of rest and recovery. Everyone say a prayer or light a candle for me. I’m going to need it.

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